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We are experienced in business law, litigation, and construction, representing businesses of all sizes, non-profits, and individuals.

Young Attorneys | Vitek Lange

Business Law

No matter its size, your business needs routine legal support. If you are a small business looking for outside general counsel, or need legal advice on a particular issue, we can help. Our firm has experience acting as outside general counsel, and frequently collaborates with in-house and other outside counsel to efficiently handle our clients’ specific needs.

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When your rights aren’t being protected or enforced, litigation may be the answer. Our experienced attorneys can help you resolve issues in or out of court, offering key legal insight and strategy to help deliver cost-effective solutions. Our attorneys will advocate for you and your interests through all phases of litigation such as negotiations, mediation, trial, appeals, and arbitration.

Municipal Construction Project | Vitek Lange


Our attorneys work collaboratively with clients through all aspects of construction. From planning at the outset of your project to contract review, drafting and negotiation and assisting with disputes, we have the experience and resources to support our clients. . To protect your business and defend your investment and interests, it’s important to choose an attorney with an understanding of the intricate legal and business aspects of the construction process. Our team has the experience to represent clients at any tier of the construction process, including owners, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and design professionals.